Marketing Recruitment Agencies Power Your Business with Experience And Expertise

According to a study, companies are finding it difficult to hire for marketing positions, driving many companies to partner with marketing recruitment agencies to meet their staffing needs.

Here are some ways in which a marketing staffing agency can power your business with experience and expertise.

Finding the Right Talent

Marketing staffing agencies are specialists in recruiting for marketing positions. Whatever your marketing staffing needs may be, the recruiting agency can hire for most marketing positions including:

· In-house corporate marketing positions

· Product marketing

· Event marketing

· Public relations

· Corporate or brand marketing

· Web and interactive media

· SEO/SEM/Social media marketing

The marketing staffing agencies have years of domain experience that helps them identify the right skills needed for every marketing position.

The staffing agency will understand your company’s needs and can identify the right candidate persona for every marketing position. Determining the right candidate’s persona will help you decide the qualification, attitude, mindset, skills, and goals the candidate needs to have to be successful at his new job.

Find Passive Candidates

It is not always the active employment seekers who are the best fit for a particular job. For many organizations, passive candidates are like hidden gems that have the latest marketing knowledge and experience to draw innovative marketing strategies.

Unlike active employment seekers, passive candidates are already working. They are less likely to visit internet job boards and may not know about job openings in your company. It is tough for internal recruiters in the organization to know and reach such passive candidates.

The staff of marketing recruitment agencies keeps attending industry events, seminars, conferences where they meet a large number of people working in different positions. In simple words, they have extensive networks.

Many passive candidates who are looking for career growth opportunities are in contact for marketing staffing agencies. It is possible for a marketing staffing agency to reach the right passive candidates and discuss job opportunity in your organization with them.

Access to Talent Pools

Recruiting agencies maintain a database of candidate profiles that are known as talent pools. Based on the sector the recruiting agency hires for, the talent pool might be limited to a specific area of expertise or a broad group of individuals suitable for various marketing roles.

Talent pools could have candidates who have applied for marketing jobs, referred and sourced candidates, silver medalists, or candidates who have willingly joined talent pools. While the talent pools take a long time to build if done correctly can eliminate the need for advertising and get you quality candidates in less time.

Find Cultural Fit Candidates

Attrition is a big problem for companies. However, finding cultural fit candidates can reduce the attrition problem to some extent. Leading marketing staffing agencies go beyond assessing candidate by information given on resume. Staffing agencies design tests to evaluate a candidate’s personality and traits and measure them in a structured way.

Psychometric tests help staffing agencies to determine whether the candidate has the enthusiasm and motivation for the marketing job. These tests also determine if the candidate is a cultural fit for the organizational culture and the way of working.

Conduct Pre-employment Screening

Investing in the background of potential marketing employees is an essential part of the hiring process. It helps the organization to make informed decisions regarding prospective marketing candidates. Background screening verifies the claims made on the resume and reduces the chances of a bad hire.

Background screening involves education and certifications checks, reference checks, past employment checks, credit checks, criminal record checks, drug screening and testing, corporate affiliations.

Recruiting for the marketing department is not easy, and every organization wants the best marketing talent to reach and expand their customer base. Marketing recruitment agencies save your organizations time, money, and effort by recruiting the best from many.

Do you know any other benefits of using marketing staffing agencies? Please feel free to comment.