How Marketing Recruitment Agencies Help You to Hire the Right Marketing Talent?

According to Monster’s 2018 State of Recruiting survey, around 67% of employers surveyed said it was hard to find the right talent. Hiring marketers is tougher than hiring engineers. This is because resumes, education and past performance do not guarantee worthiness of the candidate.

According to the Frontline Group survey, around 90% of employers use a staffing service. Here are some ways in which marketing recruitment agencies can help your company find the right marketing talent.

Find Better Fitting Marketing Talent

Determining whether a marketing candidate can be perfect for your marketing team can be difficult. The concept of marketing is broader in terms of definition and the activities it encompasses. There is a very thin line dividing Sales and Marketing, and the recruiter needs to know the difference.

Traditional interviewing strategies do not work well in hiring marketing talent. Marketing staffing agencies use innovative hiring strategies to find the right marketing talent. For example, besides reviewing a candidate’s work for previous employers, the recruiting agency also has its skills assessment tests to see how the candidate works.

The mock creative tests conducted by recruitment agencies help them know how the candidate creates a concept in their mind and how they think. The skill assessment test also checks the candidate‘s ability to create content on a specific topic and analyze the strategy behind it.

Helps You Reach Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are valued by employers as they are currently working and more likely to have updated skills sets. Due to limited reach, in-house recruiters are less likely to reach passive candidates.

Marketing recruitment agencies are always recruiting marketing candidates for different industries they serve. They know which passive candidates have the right skill sets required for the job position in your company. Marketing staffing agencies forge strong relationships with passive candidates through social media interaction or other communication channels.

If the agency is not able to find a suitable active candidate for the post, they can reach passive candidates and discuss the job opportunities available. If the job offer in your company is attractive enough, the candidate is more likely to make a job switch.

Access to Talent Pools

Leading marketing staffing agencies are known to create a talent pool that is a database of people that suit the sector. The talent pool is a stock of excellent candidates that are ready to work when a relevant job opportunity comes in.

Many recruiting agencies are known to gather candidate data for extremely hard-to-fill marketing roles. As soon as they find a candidate that matches the requirement, the agency puts in candidate data in their talent pool. This means the talent pool maintained by marketing staffing agency is a resource of highly skilled marketing talent “waiting in the wings”.

Whenever a client wishes to recruit staff for their marketing department, the recruitment agency is not required to search for candidates in the open job market; they just have to pick the best candidates from their talent pool.

Build the Employer Value Proposition

Employer branding plays an important role in attracting high-quality candidates. In today’s job market, a strong employer brand can be the difference between attracting the best candidates for a role and seeing the candidates take up the job offered by your competitor based on their reputation.

Leading recruitment agencies work to build a strong employer brand for their clients to make the job opportunity look more appealing to the best candidates. Today high caliber candidates have multiple job offers to consider. If you want the candidate to join your organization, you need to have a strong employer value proposition which needs to be communicated during the hiring process.

A good recruitment agency would “sell” your company to the high caliber candidates by showing the benefits of the opportunity. The recruitment agency also focuses on key motivators like compensation, company culture, career progression those appeals to candidates.

A specialist recruiter like a marketing recruitment agency can be a huge advantage to ensure your hiring process attracts right marketing talent and convince high caliber candidates to pick your organization over your competitors. These are some of the ways in which marketing recruitment agencies help you hire the right marketing talent.