Why Should You Invest in Baidu Advertising?

Any digital marketer or advertiser in China is more than familiar with Baidu. It is one of the largest and most popular search engines in the country and has a huge market share, which its rivals have not been able to match. Baidu is the go-to place for search advertising including pay per click models. Any company wanting to lure online Chinese consumers to their products or services undoubtedly have to invest in Baidu advertising. Here are five important reasons in this regard.

# 1 – Popular search engines of the West are banned in China

Search engine giants and name common in the Western world are banned in China. In fact, Baidu acts like the Chinese counterpart for these big names, allowing local as well as international brands to target Chinese audience with ads that pop up when certain keywords are typed into the search bar. Any business that wants to grab its share in the Chinese land can turn to Baidu for successful digital marketing and online advertising campaigns. So, unless you are willing to wait until Western search engines become usable in China, it is best that you direct your online marketing efforts through Baidu.

# 2 – Baidu is the best for search engine ads in China

While Baidu may be far away from its Western counterparts in terms of functionality or maturity, this search definitely is the biggest player in China.  It is developing fast and proving to be reliable in terms of the statistics and results it gives marketers based on keywords used in search engines. Baidu is used by over 90% of the internet users in China, which greatly adds to its appeal as the go-to platform for online and keyword search-based advertising. The reach of Baidu ads is huge, and it serves as an appropriate marketplace for new businesses to grow.

# 3 – It is fast-growing

The number of Chinese internet users is expected to grow in the coming years, and as more people join the pool, they will contribute to an even larger audience base who use Baidu as their primary search engine. Also, given that most of Baidu’s revenues come from online marketing and advertising services, it is easy to see the impact that the player has on the Chinese audience. The effect will also carry on to Chinese users who travel overseas to places that do not pose restrictions on Baidu. These users, who are accustomed to the search engine, will turn to Baidu as their primary source for all information even when abroad.

# 4 – Baidu offers pocket-friendly Cost-Per-Click prices

The costs for advertising through other means such as print, video, sponsorships, and influencers programs tend to be typically higher in China when compared to that in the Western world. However, the Baidu CPC program is cheaper than those of Western search engines, for at least a good bucket of search terms and the industries that use them. Popular search terms typically come at a fraction of the price. The only barrier, as some perceive it, is the strict payment terms and initial deposits required to advertise on Baidu. However, with time, it can yield better results at an overall lower campaign cost.

# 5 – The barriers to entry are many

While this may seem a disadvantage at first, deeper probing will reveal that a rigid system actually throws out most competitors who are not willing to put the effort to get themselves through the process required to open an account on Baidu. Being subject to the strict laws and regulations of the Chinese government actually helps keep Baidu off potential troublemakers. Also, there is an ad approval process, which ensures that you don’t advertise anything sensitive or illegal. The documentation and paperwork surrounding Baidu are not difficult, but merely time-consuming, and with a little patience, you can reap even greater rewards by advertising your products and services to the Chinese audience. Baidu advertising in the number one choice for any marketer serving the Chinese audience. So, remember to make effective use of the services that the search engine has to offer.