Why is Baidu Advertising Essential for Businesses?

There is a reason why businesses are exceedingly turning their heads towards the Chinese market: the growth for potential is endless. The marketplace is forever expanding and its burgeoning essence can be felt on a global scale. Needless to say, businesses from all across the world are tapping into the Chinese market with hopes to get in. But how easy is it to get a slice of this enormous market? Is it really as easy as it sounds?

Is Baidu Advertising Really the Solution?

Let’s get one thing straightened out: it may not sound easy but entering the Chinese market is not as tough as it sounds. There are various marketing techniques that companies can use to penetrate the market. The difficult part is surviving and appealing to the typical Chinese customer. But before we get to that, what role does Baidu advertising (adstochina.westwin.com/baidu-advertising) play in all of this and how is it relevant?

What iS Baidu?

Let’s get the basics out of the way. Baidu is a Chinese web services company that was first founded in the year 2000 but has since become one of the largest internet companies in all of the world. In simpler terms, it is the Chinese equivalent of Google. Baidu offers a number of services to Chinese customers: a valuable search engine is only one of those things. With an index of 750 million web pages, Baidu easily accounts for over 70% of Chinese internet search queries, with over billions of searches performed on it every month. But this is not the extent of Baidu; advertising to help businesses grow just happens to be another (pay per click ads). Additionally, Baidu offers images, data storage, music streaming services, and maps, but let’s go back to Baidu advertising as it remains the topic at hand.

Why Should One Choose Baidu Advertising?

As mentioned earlier, Baidu controls over 70% of the Chinese market share: if that isn’t reason enough to choose Baidu as a trusted source of advertising, you won’t be convinced of another reason. Even though there are multiple competitors to Baidu in the Chinese and Asian marketplace, there is no comparable match. Much like Google in the Western countries, Baidu’s market share is too large that everyone chooses to focus on it.

But more importantly, the average Chinese customer likes online ads and touring through new websites- they believe that any company willing to promote their products this way is not only reputable but also dignifiable. With over 600,000 webpages splashed with Baidu ads, the marketplace for new and foreign businesses to expand is colossal: the sky is the limit! In China, online advertising has been the largest reach and great success has been received from companies that have imbibed various methods of Baidu advertising into their marketing plans.

Baidu Advertising Ways

To get you better accustomed to Baidu advertising and its ways, here are three of the most commonly used ways of Baidu using their services to promote brands into the Chinese market:

1. Baidu Tuigang

This is essentially the Chinese equivalent of Adsense or Google Adwords. This pay per click advertising platform provides advertisers a way to promote their ads on the search result pages of Baidu’s search engine, ensuring customers have a close-up view of your brand right under their noses. It is perhaps the easiest and most convenient way of reaching your potential customer. The interface is usually in Chinese, which is honestly the most effective, but if you’re a foreign company and insist on having an English version, that can be created as well. Your company must have a registered address for your business in China for you to be eligible for Baidu Tuigang.

2. Pay 4 Placement

A common Baidu advertising technique used wherein companies reach customers post relevant searches has always proven rather effective. Here, businesses bid on certain keywords, so that their website information and link can be displayed on the search engine result pages. Essentially, you’re buying priority placement for your website within Baidu’s search engine result page, a practice that is not followed by Google, but allowed by Baidu!

3. Baidu TV

Baidu advertising works in close collaboration with a large media corporation called Ads it! which gives businesses access to the Baidu Union member’s websites. This can then be used by companies to decide which sites they want to display their ads on. A rather effective (and relatively new) means of Baidu advertising, indeed.