Voice Marketing Agency – How to Pick the Best one

With advancing technology and our increased dependence on it, voice communication is changing how businesses increase their brand awareness and engage with their audience. Siri, Alexa, and OK Google are proof that voice communication is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. They don’t just talk on their smartphones any more they talk to them. This is why hiring a voice marketing agency is the best way to benefit from this growing trend.

However, hiring a voice marketing agency is hard if you don’t know what you’re looking for; and even more difficult if you don’t know what voice marketing is. In this post we’re going to look at what voice marketing is and share seven tips with you to show you how to pick the best one for your marketing needs.

What is Voice Marketing and how Does a Voice Marketing Agency use it?

Consumers are starting to use voice apps more to help them shop. Voice agents and interfaces such as voice search, smart speakers and voice-enabled virtual assistants are simplifying the shopping experience. Thus, Voice marketing agencies are finding innovative ways to respond to these communication channels and add them to their brand marketing strategies.

The Link Between Consumers Voice Marketing?

Consumer behavior is driving the increased use of voice because it makes their life easier. They can now use voice for online searches and instruct digital voice assistants to automate things around the house. For example, Alexa can now turn on the television via voice command if they have the right equipment. This data is what a voice marketing agency uses to bring brand awareness to the businesses that hire them.

A voice marketing agency embraces a voice strategy in their marketing plan. There are many opportunities for deep conversational experiences between consumers and brands using the voice technology.

An exceptional voice marketing agency will look for ways to create an extraordinary voice experience for the audience of the brand that hires them. This can range from answering basic queries to in-depth interactions.

A voice marketing agency will help brands decide factors such as:

• If a female or male voice fits the brand the best

• What the brand persona should be

• How formal or informal the conversation will be with consumers

Voice Advertisements

Along with voice interaction between brands and consumers a voice marketing agency can also use voice in addition to text on the internet. There are already text ads overlapped on videos. This strategy combines voice and text to get both types of consumers. Some people still prefer reading over voice or visual communications.

The Voice Technology Experience

When you hire a voice marketing agency its possible to reach a wider audience because it has less barriers than typing for many consumers such as:

• Voice is valuable to the elderly, consumers with reading disabilities, people with impaired mobility or sight.

• Voice commands are often more convenient because it’s easier to talk into a device than type.

• Safety is enhanced because voice commands are easier than using touchpads while driving; and in an emergency saying “911” is more convenient than dialing the numbers. This is especially important if a child has to contact police or ambulance for a parent or guardian.

How a Voice Marketing Agency Uses Voice Marketing Applications to Increase Brand Awareness

• Voice assistant platforms

• Voice search

• Voice brand

• Voice notification

• Voice messaging

• Voice ads

Seven Tips for Picking the Best Voice Marketing Agency

The following are questions you should investigate about the agency before you hire them. You can do online searches and read testimonials to see how the video marketing agency handles other brand marketing strategy.

  1. How innovative is the voice marketing agency with their voice marketing strategies?
  2. What voice marketing applications do they implement, and what is their expertise level with each app?
  3. How well do they get to know your brand?
  4. How much research do they do to understand your company brand?
  5. How much experience does the agency have?
  6. Does the agency have a portfolio?
  7. What do they offer your consumers?

As you can see, hiring a voice marketing agency is important to your business and marketing endeavors, particularly if you want to step up your marketing game. Therefore, hiring the best agency is important. We hope our seven tips help you to find the best agency for your brand. A little research and asking the right questions go a long way.