Top Three Benefits of Wechat Marketing in International Business

Are you expanding your international business to China? In that case, you need to make WeChat marketing a part of your overall marketing strategy. Social media has an enormous reach in China, and WeChat takes the top spot, with over 902 million daily active users and 797 million monthly active users of official accounts. On average, a Chinese user will check his or her WeChat account at least ten times a day and will spend around 66 minutes on the platform.

Having a WeChat public account is akin to having a second website on the Chinese internet, and it can act as a central hub for all your social media activities. WeChat is not just a messaging app but comes with many other functionalities such as WeChat Web App, WeChat Mini Program, WeChat Work, and WeChat Store. With an active presence in the social media ecosystem, it will be easier to reach out to your target audience, and that will be advantageous for your business in the long run.

Benefits of WeChat Marketing

Let’s consider the top three benefits of WeChat marketing ( for your international business:

It will improve your brand awareness

Firstly, as the Chinese government only allows companies with legitimate business licenses to have WeChat accounts, you will be able to establish a basic trust level with your potential customers. Secondly, whatever your business, your target audience is likely to be on WeChat, and by having an official WeChat account, you will be able to reach out to them with relevant, entertaining, and informative content and messages and build strong relationships.

Customers will be able to message you on WeChat and use the default share, like, and Wow buttons to react to your posts, messages, and videos. Every time they click on these buttons, your content will appear in the Top Stories and get disseminated to their contacts on WeChat. People will be able to post comments, start conversations, and exchange ideas.

On your part, you will be able to react to responses, improve your content strategy, provide prompt customer service, and increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Over time, these tactics will translate to better sales and will help to make your business a household name in China.

It will increase your business outreach

By having a WeChat account, you will be able to engage with customers, manage business leads, offer promotions, giveaways, and loyalty programs, and plan future marketing campaigns. You will also be able to research your business competitors, learn from their content strategy, and define and monitor your target audience. Additionally, you can use the WeChat Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for storing customer data, automating your marketing tactics, conducting targeted campaigns, and checking your analytics.

If you have physical products for sale in shops, you can make use of Quick Response (QR) codes. For your and your customers’ convenience, you can embed the QR codes on web pages, emails, packaging, business cards, posters, and flyers. With these, you can direct customers to your WeChat public account, the checkout page, or offer discount codes. People who scan the QR codes may be willing to get notifications of upcoming products and sales offers.

It will drive traffic and boost your sales

You can use the WeChat Index tool to look up trending topics and find ways to include these in your content marketing strategy. By latching on to trends, you will be able to increase the visibility of your business brand in search engine results.

You can engage in Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing to reach your target audience. For a fee, you can gain access to the KOL’s pre-existing fan base and raise your brand awareness. Additionally, you can gain public exposure by syndicating your content through WeChat groups and WeMedia accounts. As many of these accounts are likely to have thousands of followers, promoting your content through them will allow more people to discover your brand, and you might be able to gain more conversions.

You can also engage in WeChat marketing by posting a paid video or multimedia advertisements on WeChat Moments and by using HTML5 (H5) posts to create informative brochures or guides, promotional sliders, gift cards, and other mini-apps.