Three Effective Digital Marketing Tips to Make Your Brand Popular

An endeavor to penetrate the World’s largest Chinese digital market productively requires enterprises from the western globe to categorize how their products or services are superior to their counterparts in the market. Unsurprisingly, for a foreign company, establishing its brand image through digital marketing in Chine tends to be quite challenging since the setting is completely unique from the rest of the world. Regardless of it’s in terms of the shopping behavior of Chinese audience, its digital marketing tools, governmental policies, or most importantly, Chinese language; every aspect of your marketing will appear like an alien. So, how to go about? Following are three top digital marketing tips for you to make your dream a reality.

Estimate the Market

As per market studies, China’s internet penetration shows that it has three times the number of mobile users (smartphones) and 11 times of buyers making mobile payments than in the United States. The number of internet users in rural areas of China has crossed 210 million in 2017 and their internet penetration rate is 37%. Population of its online users stand to 752 million in 2017 and 95% of them use mobile devices to get through the internet. On average, people of China spend 3 hours+ daily on their smartphones and mainly involve in social media channels and e-commerce platforms.

When it comes to Chinese digital market, you’ll be surprised to note that to support your marketing endeavor; there’s no Google, Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, or Instragram because they are just banned in Mainland China as per Government policies. So? Well, for your digital marketing in China, you will find Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine while WeChat, Weibo are having kingship when it comes to the most popular social media platforms in China.

Find a Digital Marketing Agency

Working with a digital marketing agency specializing in China should be your first priority without which you simply cannot get make your website/advertisement visible to your target audience through Baidu’s search engine or advertisement platform, go social via WeChat or Weibo. Mind well, in promoting your brand in China; you will require developing a Website in the Chinese language, while all your advertisements should be made in the Chinese version. Right from enrolling your company in Baidu, WeChat, or Weibo, the agency will let you know the procedures, undergo the process, develop contents, prepared videos, and support you all through your digital marketing in China.

Access Three Digital Tools

 Search Engine Marketing on Baidu

SEM on Baidu works similar to Google Adwords and helps heighten your business ranking in Baidu’s search engines. Baidu PPC (SEM) displays your product or services on the result page in the form of banner advertisements making it more visible, explicable, and appealing to your audience. Baidu SEM enables advertisers to choose the most demanding keywords to have a superior ranking and visibility on the page. As a paid ad tool, you will be required to pay on per click basis while the PPC rate is determined by Baidu based on your quality score. Remember, to optimize an ad in Baidu SEM; it needs to be mobile friendly.

Remarkably, Baidu is the largest used search engine in China with more than 75% of internet users in China. And among them 90% or more are likely to see your ad on smartphones, thereby, it would be the responsibility of your agency to help you get the best keywords, guide you how to be economical on PPC by maintaining high-quality score as well as preparing you ad compatible or responsive to smartphones.

 SEO on Baidu

The Uniqueness of SEO from Pay-Per-Click tool is that it consumes longer time to implement while it is a consistent brand building strategy for any business, cost-effective and more popular since the majority of consumers are inclined to go with organic SERPs to reach their products or services. Establishing an effective SEO strategy needs high-level expertise of your digital marketing agency to improve the visibility of your page with quality content, use of quality backlinks, choosing keywords and using other tools like meta tags, meta description, etc.


With over 590 million and 566 million users Chinese top popular social media sites WeChat Marketing and Weibo Advertising can be brilliantly utilized to create a productive e-commerce platform for brand building, online dealing, and collections. With dynamic social media marketing as you can transform your potential customer to business buyers, on satisfaction with your product and services they help you count the benefits of referral sales and comprehensive brand recognition. While the grand product promotional tools of WeChat including Store campaigning, Q & A facility or lucky draw will help you maximize your ROI with increased market reach, the great advertisement means of Weibo including KOL’s solid follower base will facilitate your endeavor to digital marketing in China and promote your brand with height success rate.