The Role of Advertising Agencies in the New Media Marketplace

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Advertising agencies in the world before new media were deeply complex, but that role has only become broader in the advent of the new media landscape. The term “new media” has come to include everything in the digital sphere, from social media campaigns to digital client management, and even the use of Search Engine Optimization campaigns using the world’s top search engines. But how has this role evolved since the days before these new forms of media, and why do businesses turn to the top advertising agency in Austin to deploy their campaigns?

Today, we will walk through the new roles advertising agencies have taken on, and what that means for success in the ever-changing landscape of new media—especially when it comes to campaigns run by an advertising agency in Austin.

Change #1: Media Buys Online

Back before the advent of digital media, your average advertising agency in Austin would focus their advertising buys on what we now call “traditional media.” Traditional media would include everything from television and advertisements to billboards. Today, however, they are also responsible for coordinating campaigns on social media channels, running digital ads on websites, and more. They can do this with an almost surgical precision as well, getting your digital advertisements in front of the demographics and geographical locations that matter most to your business.

Change #2: Influencer Marketing

While the world of celebrity endorsement has arguably only gotten more important with the rise of social media, what we consider a “celebrity” has also expanded as well. Today, snagging a local sports figure may be important, but your advertising agency in Austin will also be looking at influencer marketing strategies as a way to get the word out. Why? There are a few reasons, but the most important is cost. While a celebrity endorsement can be costly and time-consuming, connecting with the right network of influencers can actually be quite economical and incredibly effective.

Let’s take a restaurant as an example. Previously, using well-known figures to sponsor a local eatery would likely be out of the question, no matter how deep of a Rolodex your advertising agency in Austin possessed. Today, however, a few free meals can sometimes be enough for you to reach thousands, if not tens of thousands of people about great food. The right agency can now research the right influencers and reach out with cost-effective means of getting the word out. Plus, influencers are dedicated to creating incredible photos that you can retweet and share on top of the power of word-of-mouth that comes from their posts.

Change #3: Looking Beyond Advertisements

You can craft an incredible marketing and advertising campaign, one that gets a viral status on social media platforms, but if your site is basically pushed to the second or third page of a Google search, then it may all be for not. That is why your advertising agency in Austin will likely offer advertising in digital landscapes alongside SEO campaigns to get you top-of-mind and your site at the top of Google.

What does an SEO strategy look like from an advertising agency in Austin? It depends on the business, but it will often include optimizing your site’s keywords and design along with a search engine advertising campaign. This will ensure that, when people search for what you do, that your business gets top billing. It will also ensure that your customer’s journey from search to conversion is easy and enjoyable, making sales easier while putting you on the front page of Google.

If you want to take full advantage of the new media landscape, then it is time to contact a local advertising agency in Austin. Not only can the right agency get your advertisements ready for digital consumption, but they can also craft strategies and tactics that will completely revolutionize how you reach people. They will also do so in a way that is strategic, targeted, and economical, spreading your name across the digital landscape for a better, more effective campaign. From viral social content to SEO-friendly website development, your local agency can take your business, and its success, into the new future.