Search Engine Marketing Can Help Your Online Business Reach New Heights

According to Fleishman-Hillard research, 89% of customers start their buying journey from an online search. According to leading experts like
Houston search engine marketing, you need to consider the use of search engine marketing to propel your business to new heights.

Let’s understand what SEM is all about and different ways in which it can help your business.

What Is Search Engine Marketing and What Is Included in It?

Search engine marketing refers to the process of gaining visibility and traffic from search engines through paid and unpaid efforts. It is a combination of SEO (organic) and PPC (Pay Per click) which is also known as search advertising.

According to SEM experts, search engine marketing is the best way to improve ranking in SERPs, boost search engine presence, draw in new customers, and optimize marketing campaigns.

Now let’s look at individual benefits of SEO (organic) and Pay-Per-Click to your business.

Benefits of Organic SEO

Definite Increase in Traffic

Organic SEO is more about focusing on keywords that are used by your target audience to search product and services on the Internet. Even today, Google’s search algorithms are focused on keywords and backlinks.

With the right SEO strategies, you will clearly see an increase in traffic. As traffic increases, you will also see sales go through the roof. This will definitely take your business to new heights.

Higher Brand Credibility

When people find your website on top of search engine results page(SERP), your website becomes a brand. For example, when your website appears on top for generic keyword searches, people will start using your brand name instead of generic keywords to find products and services your business is offering. This way organic SEO helps in building brand credibility.

Helps in Driving Offline Sales

According to the leading experts like, Houston search engine marketing ROBO (researching online and buying offline) is a new norm of shopping today. As more offline sales are influenced by online research, you cannot afford to ignore search engine optimization. SEO can ensure your website appears at the top for targeted keywords in your business niche.

When your website appears on top for targeted keywords, Google will also show the name and address of your retail outlet that will drive people to your brick and mortar stores.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click

Unlike organic SEO which takes time to show results, PPC can help business to generate profit faster through online promotion and help the business reach new heights.

Reach the Right Audience

A PPC campaign has several elements like website, device, location, keywords, date and time and much more. When you run a PPC campaign, the appearance and positioning of the ads depend on the above-mentioned factors.

Different elements of PPC campaign give you the flexibility that allows you to segment market and put your ads in front of the right audience. For example, you can decide what devices your target audience is using most? Or what phrases or keywords they are using for search?

Brand Recognition

Your PPC campaigns can include keywords that are popular in your industry vertical. This will ensure that whenever people search with popular keywords related to your industry, they will constantly see your ads. This will give your brand deeper recognition in your target audience.

Makes Your Business More Accessible to Local Customers

Today a large number of people use mobile devices to search for products and services on the Internet. PPC is highly effective in mobile search. Whenever people search for product and services, the search engine results page will also display your store name and location.

When people click on your ad, they will get information on how to reach your nearby store. Recent Google research shows that around 75% of people who see your ads would visit your stores. If your store’s ads do not appear on SERP, they are more likely to visit your competitor’s stores.

According to the leading agencies in search Engine Marketing in Houston, right SEM strategies will bring you to brand recognition and customers in lesser time that helps your online business to reach new heights. Do you know any other advantages of SEM for online business? Please feel free to comment.