Lifecycle Marketing to Boost Traffic, Profits, and Retention

Lifecycle Marketing Agency

Lifecycle marketing refers to a marketing strategy that aims to do much more than just throw your brand name on as many billboards and online banner ads as possible hoping that enough people will love your ads enough to check you out. It’s an approach to marketing that engages customers where the goal is to create recurring profits and interactions. If you talk to a lifecycle marketing agency ( for help with these strategies, they will tell you that the three phases of lifecycle marketing are Collect, Convert, and Create, and they each have a part to play in our title’s goals.

Lifecycle Marketing in a Nutshell

A lifecycle marketing agency will tell you that collecting clients involves attracting them, and your website plays a large role in that. Direct them to infographics, webinars, social media, and blog posts. From there, you can encourage them to add their names to your email list by promising premium or exclusive offers or content.

Collecting clients will have you take all of the input from your client interactions on various platforms to create the most attractive offer for your potential clients. A lifecycle marketing agency will tell you that continued input and interactions are important for evaluating your progress through the cycles, and any newly attracted clients will have their own input to add.

The ‘Create’ phase is where you deliver on your product’s full potential and your offers. The object here is to “wow” them. This wow factor will help create that loyalty that will bring them right on back to your site when they need your services again. Any lifecycle marketing agency would also advise you to create some form of referral bonus system. People trust their friends’ opinions and are more likely to check out brands based on their friend’s firsthand experience than by some advertisement they happened to see somewhere. A referral bonus creates incentive for your first client to return to claim the rewards, as well as for them to praise you to their friends and bring in new potential clients for you to Collect and Convert.

Boosting Traffic

All three phases of lifecycle marketing help boost your site and store traffic, and a lifecycle marketing agency can help you capitalize and maximize on the increased traffic to push more products. Collecting is just actively advertising and engaging with your clients, and converting describes the interactions where you use their input to develop your product into exactly what they want. Creating is the most important part because you want to deliver your service in such a way that makes them immediately think of you when they need your service again, and it encourages them to help you collect new clients!

Boosting Profits

While having a lifecycle marketing agency recommend that you offer frequent promotions, offers, and discounts might seem like it’s eating into your profits, that’s a short-term view of your bottom line. Customers are attracted to deals, and if your store has regular offers and bonuses, it will keep them checking out your business more and more often, even when they might not necessarily need something. Deals and bundle offers can help your customers experience other services that they may not have had occasion to take advantage of in the past as well! Plus, growing your customer loyalty base through the ‘Create’ phase will lead to more and more transactions in the future, boosting your profits and creating future profits.

Boosting Retention

It’s a fairly obvious point that happy customers will tend to come back, but that doesn’t make it unimportant. Lifecycle marketing agencies will recommend that you switch up your advertising to keep your target demographics happy, not just with your product, but with your ads as well. People like to be entertained and engaged. Interactive offers and social media will help keep your customers interested, and referral offers will help them keep you in mind in case their friends are looking for your services as well, especially if there is a bonus in it for them if they help their friend find you!

Interacting with your customers with lifecycle marketing—and a lifecycle marketing agency—in mind can create stronger feelings of loyalty in your customers, and that can often be the key to keeping them coming back to you for your services every time!

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