Everything You Need to Know About Weibo Advertising

Sina Weibo (popularly referred to as just Weibo) is one of the most popular social media platforms in China. So, Weibo advertising is crucial for businesses desiring optimal growth in the Chinese territory.

About Weibo

Weibo is a micro-blogging platform, but it also offers other features that make it quite powerful. Other than texts, you can use Weibo to post videos and images also.

People use Weibo as not only a social media platform but also as an excellent source of trending topics and news. It has survived competition from newer entrants in the Chinese social media platform. Its user base continues to grow, and therefore Weibo advertising still makes a lot of sense for businesses.

About Weibo Advertising

Registration –

You need to first register your account and verify it with legal documents pertaining to your business. It is a very crucial step to begin your Weibo advertising campaign as any irregularity with your registration process can delay your promotional work.

Advertising options –

Businesses can use different advertising options on Weibo as best suited for their brands. 

You can choose banner ads that are shown on the homepage, the discover section and the news feed of the users. It is also ideal for mobile devices as you can specifically plan the dimensions of the banners for them.

Choose Weibo search engine promotion to push content or ads based on keywords or search terms used by other members. As the users click on a specific term in the search bar; relevant ads will begin to feature on their pages.

Select fan headlines to connect with not only your existing followers but also their connections on Weibo. You can make your post appear on the top of the users’ feed with this ad feature.

Use the fan tunnel to reach more Weibo users. You can create the posts based on specific niches to reach targeted groups on Weibo. For instance, if your business is about luxury decorative items, you can create posts to reach your target customers on Weibo by specifying the ideal characteristics of your customers.

Cost –

You can choose one or more Weibo advertising options based on your marketing budget. For example, fan tunnels may cost more as these ad options help you reach your target customers more easily.

You can create small or large banner ads easily depending on your budget. If you are able to expand your marketing budget for a quarter or two, then you can develop more creative and large display ads. But if your budget doesn’t allow it, you need not to forgo display ads on Weibo. You can simply choose a banner size that suits you.

Types of promotions –

A mix of text, images, and videos are ideal to create the right content for your Weibo ads. You will need to plan your content strategy carefully. Content can help to generate the right buzz for your brand. You will even need to choose the right fonts and the perfect colors for the banners.

You can also launch campaigns to attract more users to your brand. Creative campaigns such as quizzes are popular on Weibo. You can create these campaigns to promote new product launches or holiday sales.

System campaigns are also important components of Weibo advertising. You will need to create these campaigns based on the rules set by the team at Weibo. For instance, you can create campaigns where users need to repost a content piece to qualify for a prize. For new product launches, you can choose users for free trial drives in lieu of their feedback. There are other types of campaigns that you can choose depending on the promotional requirement of your business. These are lotteries and free prizes in lieu of performing a task such as posting a piece of content.  You can also ask KOLs (key opinion leaders) to review your products on their page. You can also use paid KOL posts for your Weibo advertising.

Not all campaigns are best suited for every business category. But you have access to a variety of promotional ideas to use for your brand. Such is the beauty of Weibo advertising. You can choose an advertising option as per your business needs and budget allocation.