All That You Need to Know About Advertising on Baidu in English

With more than 665 million active users, Baidu is one of the largest advertising platforms for businesses to attract the Chinese audience. While Chinese businesses might find it easy, the same does not apply to Western business with limited or no knowledge of the Chinese language.

If you are planning to advertising on Baidu in English, here are some things you should know.

Websites in the Chinese Language Are Preferred by People in China

Though you can advertise a website on Baidu that is not in Chinese, most Chinese people prefer websites in their own language. In some situations, some non-English speaking families might want to check the website. In that case, you can use Baidu translation services.

You can create English landing pages with Mandarin keywords. People who reach your English landing pages through Mandarin keywords would want to view Mandarin pages on your website.

A large number of users who arrive at English landing pages would leave the site immediately if they do not find pages in the Mandarin language.

Search Volume for English Keywords Is Quite Low

The primary aim of advertising is attracting potential customers. If the objective of the advertising is not achieved, all efforts and money go down the drain. There is no use of targeting English keywords because the search volume is quite low.

Baidu Account Management Interface Is Available in English

This might be good news for people preferring English language however there are certain limitations too. The desktop account editor is available in Chinese and English language. However, you still need to localize the content (in Chinese) for better results and also use Chinese keywords in your advertising campaigns.

Baidu Allows Users to Search in English

You will be happy to know that Baidu allows searches in the English language. Many businesses have a misunderstanding that Baidu does not support any foreign language including English.

When users search on Baidu with English keywords the search results will come back in English. The user will also get some Chinese language websites in search results especially if the English keyword is part of the webpage in the Chinese language. This means you can create English landing pages for your advertising campaigns.

If you plan to advertise on Baidu in English, keep these things in mind. A better solution to this problem is using a China digital agency for an advertising campaign. Here are some benefits of using a China digital agency.

Overcome Language Barrier

If you want to attract customers from mainland China, your website needs to speak their language that is Chinese. A digital agency can help you create a website that has some pages in English and some pages in the Chinese language.

The agency will create landing pages in Chinese that are important for the success of an advertising campaign. If you have to do this yourself, you are more likely to face several difficulties in setting up a PPC account and selecting the right keywords for your niche.


As mentioned earlier, you can use English keywords for advertising but they won’t yield much success. A digital agency would translate English keywords into the right Chinese keywords for better success of your advertising campaigns.

Since some Chinese words have different meanings in relation to context, some English to Chinese translations might sound weird for Chinese customers. A digital agency would ensure the right translations of English keywords into Chinese to connect with customers.

Get the Basics Right

To get success in Baidu advertising campaigns, you need to get some basics of Baidu PPC right. While adding English text to your banner ads, you need to ensure the ad copy is localized for success. A digital advertising agency would ensure your ads with English text are tailored to align them with local market trends.

Baidu advertising and advertising in China is complicated due to language and cultural differences. The choice of your language plays an important role in the success of your advertising campaigns. Hence, you should not advertise on Baidu in English unless it is crucial to reach your target customers.

Did we miss any important information about advertising in English on Baidu? Please feel free to comment.