A Step-By-Step Guide for Selecting a Game Marketing Agency

As if making a game wasn’t a hard-enough task on its own, you then need to market your game to the public as well. To avoid making mistakes that could be detrimental to your game, you should work with a qualified game marketing agency. The following steps will help you to choose the right game marketing agency.

Step One: Determine What You Need First

The whole point of working with a game marketing agency is to market YOUR game to the public in the most effective way possible. Therefore, before you start considering any game marketing agencies, you need to know what you want out of the marketing.

For example, while a game marketing agency might suggest a lighthearted tone for your game’s marketing, this might contradict the actual tone of your game. That’s why it’s important for you to know what you want out of the marketing. So, know your game, and know what you want to achieve out of the marketing campaign.

Step Two: Choose an Agency that Markets Games on Your Platform

You want to work with a game marketing agency that not only has experience, but is also good at, marketing games that are on your platform. Therefore, if your game will be released as an indie game exclusively on Steam, then you want to make sure the game marketing agency you decide to work with knows how to market PC games.

The same rule applies no matter which platform or platforms you plan to release your game on. If the game marketing agency knows how to market mobile games very well, but has no experience marketing PC games, then you will likely run into trouble down the line if your game is released exclusively on PC.

So, make sure the game marketing agency you choose knows how to market not only according to your game’s actual tone and style, but also according to your game’s intended audience.

Step Three: Determine if They Fit Your Budget

This is an obvious point, but an important one. If a game marketing agency wants more money than you can afford, then they are definitely the wrong choice for you. Just like you need to figure out what type of marketing your game needs before selecting a game marketing agency, you also need to know your budget.

Therefore, you should check the books to determine what you can afford. It’s better to know where you stand and what you can afford than to become completely sold on a game marketing agency only to find out that they demand far more money than you can ever afford.

Step Four: Assess the Agency in Full

Before signing a deal with a game marketing agency, the final step you should take is to assess the agency entirely. This means reading reviews and discussion online about the quality of their work, looking into their previous marketing work to see if it looks good or not to you, and discussing contracts and legal terms with them.

Furthermore, the last thing you want is to find out too late that the game marketing agency you choose is actually bad (that’s probably why their services were so affordable) or that their team is unorganized or full of people who do not vibe with your ideas. If possible, try to talk to the people from the agency before signing any deal, so you can determine whether you get along or not.

Step Five: Be Creative!

Did you know that game marketing is a marketing platform on its own? Why not boost your marketing strategy for your new game by marketing it right within its own bleeding-edge industry? Find a game marketing expert to find creative ways to think outside the box for the marketing strategy for your game release.