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Do You Know the Top Seven Traits of Legitimate SEO Companies?

To ensure your site ranks on the top of search engine results page (SERP), you need to partner with the best SEO companies in Houston.  However, selecting the right SEO company can be difficult. To make things simple for you, we have made a list of top seven traits of legitimate SEO companies.

1.  Study Your Business Needs

Every business is unique and so are its customers.  In SEO there is no such thing as “One Size Fits All” and SEO tactics that worked for one client may not work for others. A good SEO agency will put efforts and spend the time to study your business needs.

Leading SEO agencies ask their clients various questions to understand the client’s business needs. They spend the time to understand what your company offers in terms of service and products.

This is important to select the right keywords that are important elements of SEO. The better SEO company knows your business, the higher the chances of success.

2.  Have a Good Track Record

The track record of an SEO Company tells you a lot about their SEO performance. The best SEO companies in Houston are more likely to have a long list of clients and several successful SEO campaigns.

If you want to know their track record, look for reviews from past clients. Before you believe an SEO company’s word about their SEO expertise, it is always a good idea to know what their past clients talk about them. 

3.  Follow Transparent Tactics

Just like any practice or strategies, there are good and bad SEO strategies. Good SEO strategies also known as White Hat SEO are considered good SEO practices by search engines. Bad SEO strategies are known as Black Hat SEO tactics that are not approved by search engines.

Some SEO companies use Black Hat SEO tactics to get faster results but they do more harm than good in the long run. If Google finds out your site uses Black Hat SEO tactics to gain higher search engine rankings, your website will be penalized and the traffic will be lost overnight.

A good SEO company would use White Hat SEO tactics and will be transparent about the SEO strategies they use for their client website.

4.  Efficient Communication

Leading SEO companies are more likely to have multiple clients and have a busy schedule. Despite that, the best SEO companies in Houston would still work hard to maintain responsive communication with their clients.

When selecting an SEO Company, ask questions like how often they will communicate with you and share the progress and success of SEO activities. Leading SEO companies offer a single point of contact to each client who manages all communication for a specific SEO project.

5.  Reduce Need for Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is expensive and raises marketing costs significantly. Small businesses with limited budgets cannot spend more on paid advertising.

A good SEO company will focus more on achieving success through organic SEO tactics. With quality keywords, content and SEO optimization,  your site will be at the top without relying much on paid advertising.

6.  Targeted SEO

SEO has a very broad scope and not everything related to SEO will work for you. For example, SEO includes social media platforms, On-Page, technical SEO, backlinks, quality content, and many more things.

Depending on the nature of your business not every SEO component will be useful to attract customers. For example, if your target customer belongs to an older age group, you might not benefit much from social media strategy.

A good SEO company would understand that and avoid the broad scope of SEO elements. For example, if your business serves only limited areas of the city, local listings and location-based SEO would work for you.

7.  Deliver Results

A good SEO company will implement the right SEO strategies and get you the results. They will provide tangible proof of their SEO strategies working like the improvement of your website’s search engine ranking, increase in a number of visitors and other metrics that will help you evaluate the SEO success. When you interview the best SEO companies in Houston, you will more likely witness these professional traits that are indicators of a right SEO partner.

Five Content Marketing Improvements That You Should Consider

In order to optimize your web page in SEPRs and sustain its ranking, it has become crucial to creating relevant, customer-engaging contents on a regular basis and posting them at the right time through right platforms. If these three criterions mismatch, you simply cannot reach your target audience and that is where the task appears overwhelming in the highly competitive digital marketing era. However, with proper planning, thorough research, and expert techniques you can harvest the best outcome of a content marketing strategy and stand out in the global market. Following are five improvement techniques you can follow to reach your aim.

Objective Based Contents

Typically, your content marketing strategy should be seamlessly focused on your business goal that you are intended to. Your long-term goal needs to be realistic and scalable, while by narrowing them down, you can comprehend your short-term business objectives. Defining the goals and objectives right from the beginning you can make your content marketing strategy easier, achievable, and productive.

Target Audience

Equipped with Google analytics tool you need developing a complete database of potential customers for your product/services base on their age, buying habits, interests, locations, etc. This is a great source of information which can be effectively used to work out the content types you need to post to educate or make your audience revert back with queries. If you’re just introducing in the market and don’t have any database, think of following content types of your would-be rival companies as well as the social platforms they use and type of engagements. Choosing the platform where your clients are online, and types of content, types of videos can help you brilliantly to deliver or improve your content marketing mechanisms.

Content Type

The types of contents created and posted perform as a powerful marketing representative of your company and brand online. This needs you to decide the type of contents which can impact maximum on the target audience. You can always consider researching content types, websites of competitors who are successfully operating in the market. Unlike traditional advertising mediums, the longevity of digital content can last longer when made evergreen in nature. Publication of evergreen content types such as educational, FAQ pages, blogs, video, and infographics to display product features, functionalities, and benefits help you get fast customer query. And managing them efficiently helps boost your content marketing endeavor.

Resource Efficiency

Before implementing your content marketing strategy, it is essential to decide whether you like to use your in-house human resource or consider outsourcing content writing services. Managing a full-fledged in-house online marketing team of experts who play the crucial role of content marketing strategy is quite overpowering and costly since your core business area is different. This brings the concept of outsourcing expert content writing and content marketing services to enhance your brand image over and over again. Outsourcing services are cost effective and less burdensome when it comes to business overhead.

Analyze Results

Finally, content marketing strategy needs measuring earlier outcome and result in analysis that displays through your sales graph and ROI. You enjoy immense room to bring changes as well as improvement based on your online customer’s hunger for content types, methods, and requirements.

Digital Marketing – Different Tactics And Channels

Once you decide to go digital, it becomes essential for you to determine which sets of digital marketing channels and techniques should be the best mix to promote your brand. Not necessarily, you need to follow each and every tool since the inputs they need typically vary in terms of one’s business objective, expertise, and budget. As of today, an array of digital marketing channels and tools are available for you, and here five popular of them are explained.


Indisputably, your success in digital marketing and SEO travel abreast. Search engine optimization is the core of your internet marketing drive. Considering Google, the largest and most acclaimed search engine, it can be said that optimizing your page ranking in Google’s SERP is a major determining factor toward your business success. However, the ongoing changes of its algorithms still appear confusing to SEO experts. On the contrary, if you have greater grasp on Google’s set of rules and abide by them while posting your pages, none can stop you from enjoying high ranking.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When it comes to online marketing, the demand of SEM is increasing steadily being a highly productive digital marketing technique. Efficient search engine marketing in combination of PPC (Pay-per-clip) and SEO can make magic in search engine optimization. Interestingly, while SEO is not an absolute solution, SEO, SEM and PPC work together to benefiting businesses with long-term organic results, paid ads, and page optimization. Holding rank consistently for long period is highly difficult and needs chasing digital marketing techniques and tools properly that eventually helps achieve solid brand image.

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)

PPC involves effective positioning of your paid business ads on search results pages generally at the bottom. As customers click on the ad, it takes them directly to the relevant web page or website. How the advertisement appears and its position on the page is chiefly determined by several factors such as relevance of ad texts, CTR, bid amount, quality score in Google’s record, performance and more. Google’s pay ad platform which is globally demanding is known as Google AdWords. The feature is provided by all major search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is, no surprising, amongst the most popular digital channels all over the world. The uniqueness of social media platforms is that they offer you the easiest, effective, and affordable way to reach potential audiences. No matter, whether you are a small business person, freelance service provider, professional or multinational business house, social media platforms works at the core of digital marketing as a brand building means. Apart from globally popular social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn you can put your product ad pages in Pinterest, Instagram etc depending on your product profile, target audience who use them. Use of social media channels helps you promote your market reach through B2B, B2C communication channels.

Content Marketing

Customers come online to obtain various services and product solutions. For buyers who advertise their services or products need to convey those potential customers all about the features, product plus points, solutions through text, video included with graphical presentation as per need. This helps customers to easily find the kind of services they are in need of. This is the whole objective of putting content in pages and that needs to be quality oriented, informative, and appealing to the audience. With well-planned content marketing integrated with one or more tools stated above helps you can raise your brand awareness to an apex point.

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